Following the demands and needs of modern boaters, SECOM N / S started, among the first companies in the Adriatic, with the wrapping services of all types of boats. Along with our long-term partner, operating under the common brand “yacht-wraps.com”, we have been offering a quality and highly accepted alternative to the painting and protection of your vessels – wrapping.


Using only the finest films of the world’s best manufacturers (Hexis, 3M, Oracal) we are able to completely renew and refresh the look of your boat in a short time. Our clients and users of our services usually decide to wrap the hull, but technically it is also possible to wrap every other part on the outer or inner part of the vessel.

Our customers’ satifaction, impeccable performance and a large number of attractive boats and yachts ¬†sailing on the Adriatic and neighboring seas are our best references.

The benefits of wrapping are multiple:
1.  The protection of the hull from all external influences
2. Economical (significantly cheaper than lacquering)
3. Time saving (incomparably faster than lacquering)
4. Easy maintenance (no more polishing)
5. Great personalization capability
6. Easy repairs